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About Charlotte

Charlotte Citroen

You enjoy performing, but the tension beforehand can be annoying… you just want to enjoy it! All sorts of techniques exist to control emotions, but theory is always easier than practice: knowing how it should be done is a first step, but ensuring you can transform less pleasant feelings into pleasant ones is sometimes very difficult.

My motivation

As a psychologist, but also as a singer, I understand how important it is to keep stress or excessive tension under control.

This is my specialization. For many years I have sat through all sorts of workshops to investigate what works and is eligible to apply in person.

With the latest insights and results from scientific research it has become noticeable that visualization techniques are succesfully used in a positive sense. This positivity, which comes from deep inside yourself, can be used to stimulate your emotional state in a positive sense. This may be tricky and that’s why I’m there for you. To offer expert help in this specific field.

I look forward to coaching you before or during your important event. Whether it is a performance, a concert or a competition, you can count on me! On top of that, with the advanced technology of the Scio-Eductor you can still be treated remotely just before or during your gig … great right?

Aside from my coaching work, I write easy-listening songs, so I know how emotions can carry ‘on your voice’. 

Charlotte Citroen Quantum Body Boost

Stress is an important signal!

Our body tells us when there is mental danger. But the off-button of stress can sometimes be difficult to find. I am educated in orthomolecular nutrition and know a lot about which vitamins, minerals and phytotherapy can be used. I like to apply this knowledge in the ‘Perform Better on Stage‘ formula.

Are you curious about what I can do for you?

Are you up for receiving a short stimulative session to feel better? Both emotionally and physically? Then come along and have yourself tested with the Scio-Eductor! In only 4 minutes it becomes clear where your strong and weak points lie when it comes to feeling and being fit. For example, you can prepare a one-hour consultation for a major event to give it a success boost!

Liselore Ekdom

Liselore Ekdom

Charlotte is a very special and sweet coach. With her special gifts she quickly knows how to put her finger on the sore spot. In this way you become clear in your setup work, within a very short time what is bothering you and / or where you can work on it. Very nice because it is sometimes so difficult to see the connections between events yourself. Charlotte is able to explain and experience this in an accessible way quickly and easily. When you get started with the proces, at that very moment you will notice yourself becoming lighter. Like a weight being lifted from your shoulders. Using her other knowledge, among other things orthomolecular and through the SCIO-Eductor biofeedback program, Charlotte can help you through various methods.