Do you suffer from performance anxiety? Are you preparing for an important match, or do you have to speech for a large crowd?
Do you fear having a restless night because of this?

Take control of your emotional state during the 24 hours before your performance!

With the Perform Better on Stage concept you get a unique program based on simple psychological self-help techniques and advice in the field of vitamins, minerals and phytotherapy (vegetable).

This way you can sleep well the night before the performance, and be calm and focused the day before!

An anti-stress cure? Is that possible? Yes, supplementing mineral deposits and specific supplements can reduce stress. Your physical and mental response to anxiety will lessen, making it easier to let your stress simply pass over you...

Are you wondering how you can drastically reduce your stress levels?


Are you considering a weight loss treatment to detox? Consider an anti-stress cure instead! Can you do something about stress with supplements? Yes, very well even! Download the free e-book for a step-by-step plan and get acquainted with my working method.



My coaching offer

Are you curious about what I can do for you?

Are you up for receiving a short stimulative session to feel better? Both emotionally and physically?

Then come along and have yourself tested with the Scio-Eductor! In only 4 minutes it becomes clear where your strong and weak points lie when it comes to feeling and being fit. For example, you can prepare a one-hour consultation for a major event to give it a success boost!

  • I read the e-book about the stress detox’ when I was just before a very busy period. After reading, I realized that I could indeed get started with the supplements myself. The result was that I felt much more relaxed and could also focus on the tasks I wanted to do. Really recommended to read!

    Irene Ogier
  • Since my childhood I have frequently undergone migraines and in the meantime undergone many types of treatments and therapies. Likewise recently again. It just did not go away, the regular medicines did not help as a patch on the wound. Charlotte saw immediately when we met, that I was not completely straight in my body. So special, because I often encounter this feeling during meditation. Charlotte immediately puts her finger on the sore spot. Charlotte sees and feels in one moment what the soul of a human being needs in order to come to wholeness.

    During the treatment I felt the heavy headache pulling away. I felt so safe and secure with Charlotte, so I dared to open myself up. I have not had a headache all evening after the treatment.

    The next morning and afternoon it felt in my head as if a reset was taking place, accompanied by a heavy head. I felt reborn after noon. I feel complete again, my self-confidence has been given a boost that makes me feel strong, powerful, happy and sparkling. I’m sure, my migraine is a thing of the past. A very special and unique experience to be able to feel whole again with myself. Charlotte makes this possible. Eternally grateful!

    Ellen Steenbeeke
    Ellen Steenbeeke