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  • Several times I have undergone a Scio-Eductor treatment at Charlotte Citroen, with positive results. I am a professional classical singer. In the preparation for two solo concerts, I turned to the help of Charlotte, since I was ill and seriously wondered if I could sing the concerts. This also caused me a lot of stress. Charlotte explained to me what she could do with the Scio Eductor. At first it sounded strange in my ears: a computer that can measure, assess, illuminate and correct energies in my body. But I decided to completely surrender myself to it. That turned out to be the right decision! Charlotte also appeared to be able to treat me remotely. In the days before the concerts she treated me a number of times. I noticed that I was going to feel better, at least good enough to be able to sing. Charlotte also gave many tips and advice about nutrition and nutritional supplements that are good for me. Together with the Scio-Eductor treatment, she ensured that I could sing my concerts with good results.

    Besides the fact that I started to feel better physically from the treatment, it also had a very positive effect on me mentally.

    Half an hour before the concert, Charlotte treated me with the Scio-Eductor (at a distance) and I felt the effect very clearly.

    When I walked on the stage a kind of inner peace came over me, I could stand steadily with both feet firmly planted on the ground, I felt positive and therefore sang my concert very freely, relaxed and confident. An amazing experience!

    Scio-Eductor experience Arleen van Wijland