1st choice: Peak Performance Project


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1st choice: Peak Performance Project:

For performers and managers with a lot of workpressure.
A structured program for emotional and fysical fitness. Also effective at preventing exhaustion.

Year program:

  • The online training: Peak Performance Prep
  • 6x 1 hour Skype coaching on the online training
  • 12×2 hour private therapy sessions:
  • Lifestyle inspiration and boost:
    With the Scio-Eductor a test is done and a lifestyle plan is made. This concerns fysical issues as to vitality: how can one feel fit and healthy? What is the situation in regards to stress and relaxation?
  • The system can address is a very precise way what can be improved and at the same time give the required therapy.
  • Personal systems structure (the same principle as familial system structure) What can be recognised as strengths and be worked with on a more conscious level. But also: what are the missing links as to constricting convictions and how can these be recognized, acknowledged, experienced and released.
  • 4 VIP- workshops: from 14.00-17.00 on switching: how can one steer emotions? How can one return to positivity and flow when it is important?
  • Chronic issues can improve with naturopathy: specific supplements can be suggested for long term issues. All vitamins, minerals and fytotherapy will be advised on the basis of scientific research.


Price: €5997, excl VAT.

Payment in installments:
My company invests in a first installment of €599,70 excl. VAT
After that 10 montly terms follow of €659,70 excl. VAT

Payment at once:
When the agreement is settled I pay within a week a first payment of € 1000, excl.
The whole amount will be paid within two weeks after that.