2rd Choice: Peak Performance Prep


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2rd Choice: Peak Performance Prep

  • The online training ‘Perform Better on Stage’
  • 1 Scio-Eductor measurement, support and empowerment during an important event.
  • You will receive immediate advice on which vitamins, minerals and / or phytotherapy can be of help with Better Performance or your Peak Performance

The system strengthens your positive qualities and weakens the factors that cost energy.

If you suffer from stress, the system can reduce it

  • If you have a specific complaint, we can work on it and it will be reduced or neutralized.
  • While you are working on stage, you get support with your pitch, performance or important event.
  • What exactly you want to manifest, how this is introduced into the system, and how it exactly helps you.


Price: € 397, excl VAT

Do you have a specific idea with which I can help you? I’d love to hear from you how I could support you in your Peak Performance!