Perform Better on Stage   


  • Learn to optimally prepare for your performance, speech, exam, competition or sales pitch: your Peak Performance!
  • Are you sometimes too stressed before you have something important that you have to perform well at, because it immediately influences your future?
  • Have you ever blundered because you had too much stress? Did you have a ‘black out’ and performed way beneath your level as a result?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if you can trust yourself, that you can trust things will go well? That you don’t have to panic, that you feel inner peace and perform at the level you know you’re at?
  • Alternatively, you are actually ill or do not feel well– but you still have to perform! Also in that case; I can help you. You’ll be able to work full of conviction at your event, because you feel completely in your element.


Getting stressed can have various causes. You could have a serious anxiety issue, or it could be something benign like having a cold at just the wrong time. Together we’ll go in search of the cause, so that you can feel empowered.

With the online training you will also learn easy-to-use recommendations that immediately enable better performance.

What will you receive?

  • more success on the stage
  • more confidence in your own abilities
  • more expert status
  • more continuity in your carreer
  • meer self-confidence
  • meer health
  • meer freedom

How? With focus on the 24 hours for a ‘Peak Performance’

  • Easily applicable psychological techniques
  • Directions for using specific affirmations and physical techniques.
  • Natural supplements advice for a good night’s sleep and a relaxed and focused feeling during the day 
  • During your important performance or exam you have ‘real time’ support with the Scio-Eductor, for peak performance. The scio eductor is a computer program with a bio quantum feedback system. It can measure and treat remotely: thus reducing complaints and strengthening good qualities.
  • With a family or system set-up we will look at your success factors and where your growth and inner strengths lie, and how to amplify these.

Who am I?

As a psychologist, NLP-NEI therapist and orthomolecular nutritionist, I have a lot of experience in all kinds of forms of therapy, as well as in fields of ​​family and / or system setups. Additionally, for years I have been trained and educated in the field of spiritual approaches; both at home and abroad. I am inspired by John Assaraf, Anthony Robbins, Rick Hanson, Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction. I am well educated and experienced, having immersed myself in what emotions do and how they arise. And where they sometimes come from on a soul level. Especially how emotions can influence thinking, and therefore the body.

With my Peak Performance coaching approach, it becomes possible to learn how to directly influence emotions. In extra important cases, you can be supported and stimulated using the Scio-Eductor; because both emotional and physical aspects have to be in balance in order to perform well when it comes to something important.

What makes this offer so special is that, using this program, I can support you during your most important performances using your body’s own frequency.

That means a ‘real time’ stimulus, right at the moment you’re on stage, playing your match, or giving your concert.

This way, the effort Scio-Eductor will help you perform at your level; but it also helps ensure that you wont have to cancel.

This way you can maintain career stability, while experiencing more trust and ease in manifesting success, pleasure and happiness!

  • During the “Perform Better on Stage” online training you’ll receive tools on how to optimally prepare yourself for a Peak Performance. For your important moment and what you can do 24 hours before to sleep well and be calm and focused during the day.
  • Family or system setups are gradually becoming well known. This form of setup (which I apply) is specifically focused on your success factors. You get an individual system setup to see which underlying success factors can be strengthened. Since I can see good energetic influences, you can get more space and view by converting otherwise unknown barriers in your energy or approach.
  • Depending on your choice of package, you get one or more Scio-Eductor tests and treatments at a distance as preparation for your Peak Performance.
  • If you chose the Peak Performance Project or the Peak Performance Prep, you will receive the VIP training in regards to ‘switching’. During this I will be personally training you to quickly convert unpleasant emotions into positive thoughts, affirmations and physical postures.
    With the Scio-Eductor you get very specific information about which inner factors you canstrengthen or should weaken. This can be either emotional or physical. Tailored to the test result you get your own lifestyle advice. Because I am also an orthomolecular nutritional therapist, I can give specific advice about which food, but also which vitamins, minerals and supplements are good for you. In addition, a good form of regular excersize is essential, so that is what we are going to look at; what do you do to become, and stay, healthy?
  • Several times I have undergone a Scio-Eductor treatment at Charlotte Citroen, with positive results. I am a professional classical singer. In the preparation for two solo concerts, I turned to the help of Charlotte, since I was ill and seriously wondered if I could sing the concerts. This also caused me a lot of stress. Charlotte explained to me what she could do with the Scio Eductor. At first it sounded strange in my ears: a computer that can measure, assess, illuminate and correct energies in my body. But I decided to completely surrender myself to it. That turned out to be the right decision! Charlotte also appeared to be able to treat me remotely. In the days before the concerts she treated me a number of times. I noticed that I was going to feel better, at least good enough to be able to sing. Charlotte also gave many tips and advice about nutrition and nutritional supplements that are good for me. Together with the Scio-Eductor treatment, she ensured that I could sing my concerts with good results.

    Besides the fact that I started to feel better physically from the treatment, it also had a very positive effect on me mentally.

    Half an hour before the concert, Charlotte treated me with the Scio-Eductor (at a distance) and I felt the effect very clearly.

    When I walked on the stage a kind of inner peace came over me, I could stand steadily with both feet firmly planted on the ground, I felt positive and therefore sang my concert very freely, relaxed and confident. An amazing experience!

    Scio-Eductor experience Arleen van Wijland
  • Charlotte is a very special and sweet coach. With her special gifts she quickly knows how to put her finger on the sore spot. In this way you become clear in your setup work, within a very short time what is bothering you and / or where you can work on it. Very nice because it is sometimes so difficult to see the connections between events yourself. Charlotte is able to explain and experience this in an accessible way quickly and easily. When you get started with the proces, at that very moment you will notice yourself becoming lighter. Like a weight being lifted from your shoulders. Using her other knowledge, among other things orthomolecular and through the SCIO-Eductor biofeedback program, Charlotte can help you through various methods.

    Liselore Ekdom

With all products, payment must be made in advance.


– performing despite being ill or out of shape

– carreer continuity

– balance between thoughts and actions

– performing with more confidence

– better focus

– working with inner peace

– exceeding expectations

– more health and vitality

– increased success



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