Perform Better on Stage

Perform Better on Stage

Do you suffer from performance anxiety? Are you preparing for an important match, or do you have to speech for a large crowd? Do you fear having a restless night because of this?

Take control of your emotional state during the 24 hours before your performance! With the Perform Better on Stage concept you get a unique program based on simple psychological self-help techniques and advice in the field of vitamins, minerals and phytotherapy. This way you can sleep well the night before the performance, and be calm and focused the day before!

Are you preparing to perform?

  • Learn to optimally prepare for your performance, speech, exam, competition or sales pitch: your Peak Performance!
  • Are you sometimes too stressed before you have something important that you have to perform well at, because it immediately influences your future?
  • Have you ever blundered because you had too much stress? Did you have a 'black out' and performed way beneath your level as a result?
  • Wouldn't it be nice if you can trust yourself, that you can trust things will go well? That you don't have to panic, that you feel inner peace and perform at the level you know you're at?
  • Alternatively, you are actually ill or do not feel well - but you still have to perform! Also in that case; I can help you. You'll be able to work full of conviction at your event, because you feel completely in your element.

Peak Performance Year program

Coaching to get stress under control. Especially for performers and managers with a lot of work pressure. A structured program for emotional and physical health! Also works very preventively for people who have complaints that lead to overstrain.

The annual program consists:

  • A lifestyle test, inspiration and boost with the Eductor. This is an advanced program, developed for space travel and used for decades to treat astronauts while in "space"!
  • A personal lifestyle program, in which you receive specific advice about the right diet, exercise and supplements.
  • Monthly monitoring to continuously improve your health.
  • 10 months of coaching and support with regard to your physical and mental health
  • Real time support during two important events for you.

Rate: € 5997,- excluding VAT.

Payment in terms:

The amount of the first 10 installments is € 659,70 excluding VAT. The final installment costs € 599,70 excluding VAT.

Payment of the total costs at once:

Upon the conclusion of the agreement, you pay a deposit of € 1000,- excluding VAT within 1 week. Then, within 2 weeks, you pay the remainder.

A real-time Peak Performance Prep session

Do you want to experience how to get stress control in 1 session? The Peak Performance Prep session is fast and effective. You get:

  • 1 Eductor measurement, support and empowerment at an important event;
  • Immediate advice about which vitamins, minerals and phytotherapy can be helpful.

The system reinforces your positive qualities and weakens the factors that cost energy. If you suffer from stress, the system can reduce that. If you have a specific complaint, you can work on it and it can be reduced or neutralized. While you are working on stage, you get support with your pitch, performance or important event. 

Rate: € 397,-  excluding VAT.

Peak Performance Pocket

A booklet with many tips and tools to combine hard work with good and effective relaxation. Are important days coming on which you want to perform at the highest level? With this booklet and the programs that I offer you can take the emotional direction of your own Peak Performance.

A unique program with customized psychological techniques and naturopathic advice for a lifestyle that is good to maintain and offers satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Arleen van Wijland

Several times I have undergone a Scio-Eductor treatment at Charlotte Citroen, with positive results. I am a professional classical singer. In the preparation for two solo concerts, I turned to the help of Charlotte, since I was ill and seriously wondered if I could sing the concerts. This also caused me a lot of stress. Charlotte explained to me what she could do with the Scio Eductor. At first it sounded strange in my ears: a computer that can measure, assess, illuminate and correct energies in my body. But I decided to completely surrender myself to it. That turned out to be the right decision! Charlotte also appeared to be able to treat me remotely. In the days before the concerts she treated me a number of times. I noticed that I was going to feel better, at least good enough to be able to sing. Charlotte also gave many tips and advice about nutrition and nutritional supplements that are good for me. Together with the Scio-Eductor treatment, she ensured that I could sing my concerts with good results. Besides the fact that I started to feel better physically from the treatment, it also had a very positive effect on me mentally. Half an hour before the concert, Charlotte treated me with the Scio-Eductor (at a distance) and I felt the effect very clearly. When I walked on the stage a kind of inner peace came over me, I could stand steadily with both feet firmly planted on the ground, I felt positive and therefore sang my concert very freely, relaxed and confident. An amazing experience!